“I take every opportunity to tell people the truth about Ukraine”

The author of films about contemporary Ukraine, Ruslan Hanuszczak: Foreigners need to be told what is really going on at the front.

The Ukrainian military reporter from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ruslan Hanuszczak, presented the residents of Rzeszów with documentaries about the war in Ukraine and the shooting of Maidan. The films became the main event of the festival of traditional cultural pretexts: “NO Lost Heritage”. This time they presented Ukrainian motifs, successfully combining performances by poets, cultural scientists, photo exhibitions and music.

Movies about the Ukrainian present have become a real revelation for foreign viewers, many of whom do not know what is happening in Ukraine, according to the plot of “3 Studios”, according to “Windows”.
“I use every opportunity to meet people, especially foreigners, to tell what is really going on at the front,” said Ruslan Ganuszczak, author of the film and military correspondent of the Azov Regiment. “And it is imperative that people know who the volunteers who lead them are, why they have left.”
The screening of the film was accompanied by the performance of the Ivano-Frankish banduristok “Gerdan”. The organizers of the festival themselves wanted them to be banduras and they were right.
“The music for the film was absolutely the first. He is very responsible: to choose the music according to the visual range and in terms of not only the subject matter, but also the tone and rhythm, ”says Violetta Dutchak, head of the“ Gerdan ”bandura, professor at PNU.
The repertoire prepared for the performance, after watching the film during rehearsals, had to be changed the day before the performance. During the performance, the bandurists did not see what was happening on the screen as it was emotionally difficult. Instead, they saw the full understanding and devotion of the audience.
The next day, another film by Ruslan Hanuszczak, already presented to the world, “Two days in Iłowajsk” was shown. After the viewing, the audience had the opportunity to ask the author questions. Ruslan Hanuszczak emphasized that there is no civil war in Ukraine, but real Russian aggression and occupation. By the way, the film The Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, shown at the festival, is a kind of preview of another big film by Ruslan Hanuszczak about the people of Maidan who continued the liberation movement in eastern Ukraine.
Author: Third Studio